Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Wedding ~ Visual Feast Edition

the bride The View Daddy, Lola, Leif The Food The Kids' Table Vineyard the candy table Wedding Holly's Family
Mom and Daughters:
The Ladies Mom and Dad "Poppy and Bambi" Shan and Ben The View ~ Sunset Lola @ Wedding


Lora @ my blessed life said...

Lovely! Visual feast indeed!

Heather said...

Love them all, the black and white of your parents is just so dear and Lola, my goodness, what an absolute doll.

Anonymous said...

hi, what a wedding!!
somebody in your family sure knows how to throw a party!
so glad all your efforts were worth it and were all able to share in the special day.

Shannon said...

Heidi- Just love, love these pictures. I think that is the best picture of Mom and Dad EVER! want one for my wall. Nice work!!!

April said...

Ohh the lovely little lashes of Lola. :)