Friday, July 29, 2011

Simple Mom

Tsh (5)

Yep. It's Tsh from Simple Mom! We had such a great time hanging out with her fun family!

Tsh (1)

We just relaxed and enjoyed the cool Oregon sunshine.

Tsh (3)

Lola is about four months younger than Finn, but about the same size. And she thought he was so cute... all she wanted to do was maul him. (I'm going to have to watch that girl.)

Tsh (7)

Luke was having a great time with Reed, carrying him around on his back. Levi was pretty fond of Tate. He remembered her from their visit a couple years ago. (I'm going to have to watch that boy.)

Tsh (6)

Thanks for visiting, Tsh, and letting me have the privilege of photographing your wonderful family!!

Tsh Family


Tsh @ Simple Mom said...

Hooray! Such good photos. Thanks, Heidi! It was great to hang out with you, too.

(And yes, we'll have to watch Tate and Levi the next time they're together...)

Bonnie Gray said...

Gorgeous, photos Tsh! :) Nice to meet you Heidi... such a cute picture of your soon hugging a BOOK. ;p

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

So cool! Lovely family! I just read her book!


Hannah said...

Those are terrific. Will you post some time any ideas you have for getting good, candid-looking family shots? It's so challenging to get natural shots where everyone's looking happy and normal ... but you did a great job!

amanda said...

These pictures are beautiful!

Kim said...

Love the way these turned out! Great job Heidi (and beautiful family Tsh).