Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yes. Yep. Uh, huh.

And Oh. My. Word. This is spot on. I don’t even know where to begin quoting, so go read it. If you are homeschooling or especially if you are considering or planning on homeschooling, this is a must read. If you are curious to know what it is like to homeschool (the good, bad, and ugly), this is a great place to start.

The Bad News About Homeschooling: What your friends in the denim jumpers don’t want you to know.

Here is a taste:

And here’s more bad news:  YOU will still be YOU.  You will not wake up on the Monday after you make the decision to homeschool and find you’ve turned into Socrates, Anne Sullivan, Charlotte Mason, Lisa Whelchel or Sally Clarkson overnight.  (Bummer, I know!)  It will just be little old you, same as the day before, with all the same flaws, only now they’ll be thrown into horrifyingly sharp relief by the plight of being sandpapered 24 hours a day by the little blessings (students?) the Lord has graced you with.  Sometimes it’s called sanctification.  Sometimes it’s called painful.  Sometimes it’s called homeschooling.

Uh, yeah.


Renee said...

LOVED this article!!

Precision Quality Laser said...

As did I..thanks for sharing it with us! :)

barefootmommy said...

haha.... oh wow, we are starting homeschooling in September. For the first time. Looking forward to it! :)

(the) Real Joy said...

Thank you for sharing this! We're soon starting year #2 of homeschooling, with all of the determination to "do things right" that comes from reflecting on the first year :) Good to be reminded of why in the world we chose this route...

Also, I wanted to thank you for daring to be real here - really appreciate knowing I'm not alone in my beautiful mess of a life! :) Blessings on you and yours!

Hannah said...

Oh my! Those are brave words of truth. They spoke to me in so many important ways tonight. Thank you for sharing that article!