Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Checking Out

I’m going to be MIA for a little while. Just trying to get life done. I may not be able to respond to emails and comments in a timely manner.

Thank you so much for all the responses to our postcard project!! I am so excited. It makes me want to hop in our truck and go on a cross-country trip to see all of you! You wouldn’t mind if we showed up on your door step one day, would you? {grin}

If I kept track correctly (and that would be a miracle), some states still up for grabs. If you are interested in sending us a postcard from one of these states, shoot me an email and I will try to email you back shortly with our address. Let me know if you would like a postcard in return! Still needed: AZ, AR, CT, DE, FL, HI?, IN, KY, ME, MS, NE, NH, NJ, NM, ND, OH, RI, SC, SD?, VT, WV, and WY. (If you’d like to send us a postcard from a state not listed, we’d love to hear from you. One can’t have too many postcards. And if you’d like to send us a postcard from somewhere out of the U.S., we’d LOVE to hear from you!!)

(ETA: AZ, AR, CT, IN, FL, KY, NJ, OH, and SC now spoken for!)

Thanks, everyone. ‘See’ you in a week (or two….).


Karen said...

I could send you one from Ohio if you still need one. And my girls would love one in return! :)

April said...

We're headed for SC this month so consider that one checked off. :)

Lucy said...

I will be going to Hawaii in October and will send you a postcard if you will still be doing your project then. :)

Danae said...

We could send one from NE and I am e-mailing you now!

Alane @RaH said...

I'm in NH --- if you still need a postcard from here, let me know!