Saturday, August 6, 2011

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Love of Books

Yeah, I've been slacking. Well, here on the blog, at least. Life still happens…

We’ve been working on a ‘little’ remodeling project. It is going to take several more weekends to complete (and I’m using that term loosely…). But when we are done, we are going to have an awesome new multi-purpose room.

The boys have been to 3 different VBS’s and are attending another this next week. They love them. I love them. It is a win-win.

We went to a couple evening concerts in the park. We played a glorious sunset game of softball with the family. We met friends at the park to play. Dentist appointments. Fun stuff.

Swim team practice, a meet coming up this next weekend. Piano lessons. Book club in the garden.

The boys spent the afternoon at my mom’s house playing while Russ and I worked on our project (and my awesome sister cleaned my house and helped!!). Mom got awesome photos of the boys. Check them out on her blog!

The boys have been at their annual Boys’ Camp this week and return tomorrow.

It just happened (well, it was a God thing) that I had the opportunity to attend a phenomenal two-day teaching conference at a classical Christian school while the boys were gone. My sister and I headed up to Newberg (about an hour away) where we took in so much information and inspiration that we are positively bursting. My cousin generously offered her home and also arranged on-site care for Lola! We enjoyed 6 sessions each day, choosing from a wonderful variety of offerings. The conference blessed us immensely.

Lola. Oh, Lola. My friend, Susan, called this the mover-shaker-world-maker-toddler days, and wowsa is that the truth. She is a new little person these days. One who is energized by new things, new surroundings, new people. She wants down, and she wants to explore. She still bum-scoots rather than crawling, but she’s a speedy, determined little thing. I’m starting to get just a tad bit, uh, apprehensive about this coming school year. This could get interesting. I have her 10 month pictures to share tomorrow, and I’ll tell you a little more about her.


My blog posting is going to be very sporadic this month. Between activities, projects, a couple more photo sessions, and just trying to soak up the last month of summer before school starts with a vengeance hurrah, my priorities will be elsewhere. You’ll forgive me, won’t you?


Misha said...

Those two pictures and quotes take the cake! So beautiful... and, yes, I've seen that look that is in her eyes, too. Makes my knees a little weak again in memory. : )

Here's hoping for some real sunshine this month in our mutual neck of the woods to end with a hurrah!

PS Love your mama's quote with those pretty bokeh background photos!

Heather said...

Oh how I've missed you! Almost everyday as I work on homeschool stuff I think, "I wish I could just talk to Heidi about this!" I'm working through Writing With Ease and Teaching the Classics among other things. So happy that you got to do all those sessions, very exciting and inspiring I'm sure.