Monday, August 22, 2011

Sami Sneak Peek and Random Life

Sami (1) Sami (2)

I just did my last senior photo shoot of the season last night. One more family photo session this evening and I’m hanging up my shingle for a little while. Just not enough hours in the day.

I had a blast with Sami. She really knows how to work the camera. The editing on that second picture was something of an accident… then I liked it so much I thought I’d post it.

After getting home from the beach last weekend, we had a busy week. Russ’s family from Washington was here visiting, and the boys got to spend a bunch of quality time with their Grandma.

Leif turned five (FIVE!!!) on Thursday. We went to the Cool Pool to swim and Cold Stone for ice cream treats, then partied at my parents’ house on Saturday.

Today is overcast and cool compared to the past two “hot'” days. Saturday it hit 90 for the FIRST TIME this YEAR. I think we’ll be cleaning house and reading books. How is that for a boat-load of fun?

And that is all the “excitement” I have to share for now…


Linds said...

perfect photos!

Anonymous said...

love the photos. I was in Hillsboro on Saturday - it was HOT! Enjoy your excitement. That is about what we are doing here.

trinward said...

I love Sami! And your pictures are spectacular!!! You are both equally beautiful inside and out! And that is reflected in your pictures of her! I love them!!!

Heather said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful girl.

I am enjoying the above 90 weather... I sure hope it means some ripe tomatoes soon!