Friday, September 14, 2012

Never Before Seen @ Mt. Hope Chronicles


You might have noticed that there isn’t a whole lot of sports going on here at Mt. Hope Chronicles. I don’t know how it happened that my family isn’t much into sports.

My poor dad. The three of us girls used to watch football with him. And then we got married. You’d think with the addition of three sons-in-law (all three of whom played sports in high school) that he would have sports-watching company. But, no. None of us watches ANY sports on television. None. I don’t think any of us even watched the Olympics. What are the chances?!

Then my nephew Drake decided he wanted to play football. He was just heading into 9th grade as a homeschooler. My sister was hoping he would be able to play for a nearby Christian school, but Drake would have had to live in a different school district to play without attending. So they signed him up for freshman football at the local high school.

He had never played football—I don’t know if he had even watched a full game before! He also missed conditioning camp. And didn’t know any of the other guys.

But Drake is diligent, respectful, follows directions, and is ridiculously strong. The coach has him playing offense and defense—the whole game. (And there is a large number of players standing on the sidelines.)

The kids and I attended his game last night. West Albany vs. Crescent Valley. The stands on their side were a little sparse, but I suppose if you took away the 23 people there just to watch my nephew Drake, our side was a little sparse, too. At least we got our effort's-worth since he played all but a couple minutes of the game. Score: 16-0. Nicely done, Bulldogs.

And I remembered just how much I enjoy watching football.

(P.S. ~ To make up for the high of 75 on Tuesday, our weather decided to kick it up a notch. It was 92 degrees as we drove over to the game…)


A rare moment on the sidelines for #75.


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Holly said...

Love the pictures you captured, Heidi! Yep, he's loving it - even in 90 degree weather. Thanks for coming to support and cheer him on, even with 4 wiggly little ones :) Takes me back to watching the games at this stadium in high school and watching it on tv with Dad.