Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The First Day of School


It was the day after Labor Day, after all. Ecology, P.E., history (we listened to The Story of the World on CD), reading (when do the boys *not* read?), and the important things in life.


McDowell Creek Falls. I’d been wanting to get there all summer. It sure does look different at the end of summer than in the spring with the waters gushing and swirling. I cannot believe that it has taken us four years to return (and that Leif was Lola’s age last visit!!). It isn’t as if it is far away…


The next picture really shows the difference. Remember this one? (You can click the picture to see a larger image.) Fitting that I would pick that picture for my school theme this year.


My children. They are so abused.


And fierce.


Sunshine. Blue sky. 78 degrees. Hardly another soul in sight. Heavenly.

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Color? Or Black and white?


What is it about boys and sticks? This one is Thor’s Hammer (or so I’ve been told by an exuberant child):


Goodbye! We’ll come back soon!


Oh, and hello, new school year!


April said...

Love the pic of Luke in b&w! Magical. What a beautiful piece of earth.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

What a beautiful day! Happy back-to-school:)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures of some beautiful scenery and then you add some very photogenic and special people!!!! Wow!!! Great post. Lola is losing her babiness, getting to be a big girl, and what a perfect first day of school. We both enjoyed the pictures. Grandma

Barb said...

Beautiful! Did you notice that in the color & b/w photo, the water's reflection looks like a big heart! :)