Monday, September 10, 2012

The First Day of Classical Conversations


We had our first day of our third year at Classical Conversations today. The morning dawned overcast and drizzly, with golden fall tones—so perfect for our first real day of back to school!

The early morning went so smoothly we had time to snap a few pictures as we were leaving the house.

Img2012-09-10_0013ps Img2012-09-10_0032ps

And…we’re off.


Fall was proclaiming the day as a family of turkeys traipsed across the property during picture taking. I had to jump out of the truck to catch a quick snap shot of them heading into the trees as we were heading down the driveway.


Even though we are seasoned veterans of Classical Conversations, we still had a few new changes this year: a new location (which felt like a weighty change!), a new tutor (Luke has my sister Holly who he had the first year, Levi has the same tutor as last year, but Leif’s tutor is new), and a new adventure in the afternoon Essentials class for Levi.

The morning went seamlessly. I spent the time in Leif’s class. His tutor did an excellent job, and Leif loves her already. The room is large and bright. The students were well-behaved. Success!


The afternoon (lunch and Essentials) were a bit more challenging, but we’ll get the hang of things. I’m anticipating a great year!

(P.S. I came home and crashed on the couch, then Russ let me escape for a solitary shopping trip this evening. Now I’m gearing up for another field trip tomorrow!)


Tsh @ Simple Mom said...

Gorgeous pics (and kids) as always, Heidi! I can't get over how big your boys look—especially Levi, for some reason. :)

Unknown said...

*Sigh. Looks like a great day!

Glad to hear it went smoothly. :)

Hannah said...

Exciting! I'm feeling rather bad that I got no photos of my kids heading back to CC (in uniform, haha!) this year. Tutoring and schlepping all the extra supplies seems so preoccupying ...

I particularly love the photo of the three boys looking over and smiling at Lola, who's clearly the star of the show!

Peterson Party said...

Great pics!
I laughed when I read that you went home and crashed on the couch. This is our 1st year in CC. Today was wk 3 for us and boy was I tired at the end of the day! My daughter is in Foundations, but our CC community has a group of moms that leads an afternoon co-op, so we are there until Essentials is over in the afternoon. It is a full day!

MomStarr said...

In your outdoor pictures the faces are not dark or shadowed how do you get the faces to stay light? My outdoor pictures sometimes have faces that are shaded a bit. Any help would be great!!

Heidi said...

The most important thing to remember is that sunny shots create harsh shadows on faces. For best lighting, shoot on an overcast day, in the shade, and/or in early morning or late in the day when the sun is low in the sky. Avoid full sun and midday. When taking portraits, I also have the camera slightly above eye level of the subject and have them tip their face up toward the camera. These shots were taken early in the day when it was overcast. Even so, you can see that Levi's face is slightly shadowed when it was tipped down. Hope that helps!