Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lego Robotics and Other Extras

Our first Lego Robotics League meeting was last week. I am so excited that our boys get to be a part of this through the distance learning charter school. Their teacher is so fantastic about organizing educational activities for them, and she has gone to a huge amount of effort to set up this group. The students are able to work in pairs with an adult supervising. (I think there are about 14-16 kids participating.) This is just an introductory year. They are meeting every other week and will not be competing. That serves our needs perfectly.


After Lego Robotics, Levi and I headed over to the football stadium to watch Drake play against my other two nephews, Ronnie and Robbie, in the Freshman civil war game. I love football. Yes, I do.


The boys had a mock swim meet last Saturday to gear up for the new season. Luke has improved so much! They are swimming at a local dual meet this coming Saturday.

After a late summer break our parent-child literary analysis book club, Book Detectives, is meeting up again this week. I can’t wait!


Melody said...

Love Lego robotics!!! My 10 yr old has taken a few classes at the ALE school were participating in this year. Those little buggers are expensive so it's nice that he can still have the experience to tinker :-)

Mel W.

christyjames said...

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