Saturday, October 6, 2012

So I said to him…

Read this one:


I couldn’t find a book for him to read on his shelves that he hadn’t already read. I couldn’t find a book for him to read on our homeschool shelves, other than what I have planned for him to read later this year for history/literature. I decided to look on my shelves and see what might be appropriate. Success. Appropriate (I think; it’s been a while since I’ve read it), perfect time period, and 815 pages. It might take him a day or two.

Hey, Levi, I dare you to read this one. I think you’ll like it. He reads the back cover and agrees. That was yesterday afternoon.

So he’s getting ready to leave the house this afternoon, and I remind him to take his book. I finished it, Mom. I stayed up really late last night.

Um, yeah. I need more book suggestions. It is so hard to come up with challenging books appropriate for a ten year old.


Growing a Godly Girl said...

I'm impressed!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

I'll have to look this one up! Winter reads like Levi. She was up late last night reading. (I love that she can do that; my parents never let me have that option and I love letting them stay up to read something wonderful).

She has been reading the Percy Jackson books. There are two series of them from Rick Riordan; the second series just had the third book come out this week (The Mark of Athena). These are the Greek and Roman ones. He also wrote an Egyptian series. I have't been feeling well this week, so she loaned me her Percy Jackson books, and I read the 4 she had in 3 days (the second series is over 500 pages each, so not as long as 815, but something both she and Levi could read in a day). If he hasn't read those he might like them.

They're not hard reads, but they are fun reads!

When I buy books for the school year she reads them all in the first couple of weeks. I know what you mean about finding good books.

On another note, both she and her best friends (who are also homeschool girls) have agreed (a year ago!) to go as different Greek goddesses) for Halloween this year. Winter chose Artemis, which means she wears a chiton AND carries a bow and arrows.


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I have a similar problem with my 8 year old daughter. It's tough finding age-appropriate reads for voracious readers!

Heidi said...

Brandy~ Levi would get along very well with Winter! I *LOVE* that she is dressing as Artemis for Halloween! Levi loves the Percy Jackson series and I know that he has read at least one of the Roman ones. I'll have to double check on the others and snag them for him if he hasn't. Thanks for reminding me.

By the way, my husband is heading your way for a work trip soon. I was trying to figure out how to arrange a trip for both of us with some airfare vouchers he has. I thought--hey, if we go to Vegas, I can stop and visit Brandy. I should figure out how to take all the kids with us and drive to the Grand Canyon...

Missy Robinson said...

I wonder if he is ready to read something that isn't necessarily a story but something non-fiction (like Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace or Tim Tebow's book?). Just a thought!

Amy said...

Heidi, this list of books has A LOT more misses than hits in my opinions, but it may be worth your while:

Also, I like to go to this link to read reviews (in addition to

The Prudent Homemaker said...

The newewst Heroes of Olympus book came out last week; it's called The Mark of Athena. I read it yeasterday and today. I actually read 5 Percy Jackson books last week :)

There was a mention of a silver chalice in there!

There was also the mention of Heratio (who defended the bridge) and lots of information about Archimedes, which was SO much more interesting because of all that we had just read about Archimedes recently. Winter was loving it!

I would LOVE to have you come visit! Anytime! (Thanksgiving, Christmas, whenever!) Let me know!

I just handed one of my husband's college books, The Voyage of Argo. It's about Jason and the Golden Fleece. It's thin, so I'm sure she'll finish it quickly.

Maureen said...

Hi Heidi,

I don't know if you've seen this book list, but I've gotten some great ideas from it for my son and daughter--both of whom are homeschooled and are also voracious readers. I really like how it's laid out:

Marci said...

Hi Heidi,

We don't homeschool but I always come here for suggestions on reading, etc... I love your photography too.

Has your son read books by Cornelia Funke? My 10 year old loves those! They might be a little too easy for your son (my son is a more typical 4th grader :-)) but the stories seem interesting.

The Hayes Zoo said...

Oh heavens....I would sell my right arm to have my R read and love it like that. Oh well....