Friday, October 12, 2012

Lola Colette’s Second Birthday

Lola bday collage 3

We were still enjoying a long streak of gorgeous weather as September turned to October, so my sister suggested we have Lola’s birthday party in the garden. It meant that I didn’t have to clean my house, and Shannon and Mom did most of the decorating. I was all over that like jam on bread.

Though the day was beautiful, it sure turned cool quickly that evening. Even so, we had a simple, lovely evening of family, friends, and celebration.

Img2012-09-30_0004fImg2012-09-30_0003fLola bday collage 4Img2012-09-30_0058fImg2012-09-30_0045fLola bday collage 2Img2012-09-30_0053fLola bday collage 1Img2012-09-30_0057fImg2012-09-30_0039fpm

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Hannah said...

SO lovely. Lola is clearly a proudly card-carrying member of a beautiful tribe of women!