Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fair, (Junk) Food, Foreigner, and Fireworks


I have no hope of catching up on all my photos if I can’t clear my schedule. We have something going on almost every day. And I can either do stuff or post. Not both. I’ll still be posting summer pictures in November at this rate.

This weekend was the local Art and Air festival, just a couple miles from our house. We didn’t even watch the balloons lift off in the mornings—just too tired to get up that early, I suppose. The past two days were filled with a whole bunch of waiting. And waiting. I decided that life is 50% waiting, 45% mess, and 5% action. Ha! But that isn’t my grateful heart talking, it’s tired mommy. Anyway…

We didn’t hang out very much at the “fair” part of the fair. But I had a hankerin’ for a funnel cake—with the works. This is the pretty picture. Which doesn’t come close to the reality of a family of six sharing the sucker. Quick, everyone eat as fast as you can and whine that someone else is getting more than you are. Uh-oh. Tired mommy talking again.

More junk food waiting for the Foreigner concert to begin.


At least it was a gorgeous evening (between a few sprinkles in the afternoon and full-on rain this morning).


Shannon and Ben joined us for Rilla’s first rock concert. I know Ben, and this won’t be Rilla’s last.


Foreigner was excellent.


And the other 20,000+ people thought so too.


The night ended with a fireworks display.


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