Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything


I guess 7:45 pm was the right time to go to Costco the Friday before Christmas! It was close to empty other than several good friends we ran into. The boys (as usual) headed to the book table to read while Russ and I shopped. Luke came to us with wide eyes and told us that a lady who worked there offered to buy them the books they were reading. I said she was probably kidding. We walked over to the book table and, indeed, she came up with a receipt for the books they were reading. She said she had been watching the boys be so well behaved and enjoyed seeing them read so much that she wanted to treat them. She gave Russ and me a hug and said, 'Thanks for raising readers!'

Russ lost his car keys. He searched for them to no avail. For two months. Luke found them in the couch cushions. Not under the cushions. Not between the cushions. But *zipped inside* the cushions. Any guesses who the culprit might be? All of you need a Lola at your house. She makes life so exciting.

And… if the most expensive Christmas present you purchased goes *poof* and you spend hours looking for it and begin to think you've lost your mind, look inside the zipped pocket of the dinosaur backpack under the bedside table. [thanksabunchlola]

Heard first thing one morning: "I keep track of days like I keep track of any candy I get. So I always know when it's Saturday." (That would be Luke.)

And a couple Mt. Hope readers shared this video with me after I shared the Van Damme video. The boys watched it, and I had some Chuck Norris explaining to do…which led to an internet search of Chuck Norris jokes…

We had a Christmas Eve Eve [grin] celebration at our house with Russ’s parents. They are two of my most favorite people. I wish I had a picture of dinner, but I rarely get pictures when I’m hostessing!


Are you ready for a new year? I feel like I have two months worth of purging, cleaning, organizing, and planning to do before I’m ready!

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