Friday, December 27, 2013

Gift-Giving Extraordinaire

Gift-giving is not my forte. Not even close. My best friend has the gift of gift-giving. My older sister gives us beautiful family gifts every year. (This year her gift included homemade cookies for Russ, handmade bottle rockets for the boys, dried apples—a favorite, and babysitting/work coupons from the kids—all beautifully displayed in a vintage crate filled with cedar and decorated with stars made from book pages.)

Then there is my sister Shannon. One year she made the most darling personalized canvas book bags for the boys. Last year she picked out perfect vintage books. This year—well, you can see for yourself. She cut out and hand-painted wooden shields for the boys and included a paper with the meanings of all the elements on the shields. How can anyone top these?!!

[She also hand-drew and framed beautiful family tree pictures for Lola and Ivy. I’ll have to get a picture of Lola’s so I can share it.]


Ashley said...

Those are wonderful gifts! I'm trying more and more every year to put more thought into the gifts I give. I did better this year than any year before, but I know there is always room for improvement.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Very cool! Winter, Ezrom and I like Levi's the most, and Leif's second, but they didn't really compare your nephew's, and I like the dragon on that one, too!

These are really wonderful gifts!