Monday, December 16, 2013

The Lola Channel


Lola brought me the Christmas tree skirt from the Christmas bin (yeah, I'm behind on decorating) and asked me to tie it around her neck. "I want to be a supah hewo. Stwong and bwave. Lola to save the help Dad." As she's putting on her boots to go see her dad who is working on the truck that broke down.

As I was carefully pouring a can of Dr. Pepper into a cup with ice, Lola said, "Wow, you're amazing, mom." [I'm so glad my children can appreciate my mad skillz.]

And then…she came down with the stomach flu right after bedtime last evening. It started with Rilla. Then Shannon. Then Ben. Then my mom. Then Lola. Then my dad. It’s a particularly nasty bug for the adults (and obviously quite contagious), so maybe you all could be praying for my family this week. My grandparents *cannot* get this bug. And I do not want to see the rest of my immediate family go down, but Lola was drinking from my cup yesterday just hours before she got sick, so chances are I’ll get it at the very least. We’ve cancelled our Christmas caroling plans for the evening, and the boys are sorely disappointed. But we’re downing some herbal remedies in the hopes that they help—even a bit.

But Lola bounced back quickly. After being awake for a while last night and then waking several times to throw up, she was curled up asleep on a chair in the living room, while I was near her on the couch. At 7 am she awoke and said with a cheerful, surprised voice, “Hey, I’m not twying!” [crying]

A few hours later she walked into the kitchen and exclaimed, “What in tarnation?!” Yeah, I’d say she’s back to her perky self. (I swear I don’t know where she’s heard that one!)

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