Friday, October 17, 2014

Like Brothers


McKinnon and Levi have been raised together since birth (McKinnon was born less than six months after Levi) since Char and I have been best friends for 25 years and we’ve lived near each other for their whole lives. [In fact, we lived within walking distance for the first five years.]

They’ve both been homeschooled all this time, and they began classes with our Classical Conversations community together as third graders. Now they are in seventh grade and in the CC Challenge A program.

During all those busy, exhausting baby/toddler years of activities we enjoyed together, this world, this season, of middle school seemed like an unfathomable stop on the journey ahead.

And now these boys are at my kitchen table translating Latin passages together while Char is out of town for a few days.


Levi and McKinnon

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Ariana Sullivan said...

I don't know what's up with me today but this made me so teary! How amazing it is that the two of you young moms were in the thick of baby and toddler things without a clue as to what middle school life looked like... and all these years later (which I'm sure feel like they flew by!) you're in this brand new place and yet you're all still the same people together experiencing it! That's incredible. I'm happy you have her and Levi has him to go through all these phases of life!