Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lola’s Party

Lola's Party

I have all sorts of things swirling in my head and in half-baked blog posts, but I wanted to share these two pictures before moving on from Lola. Did you know that I never posted pictures of her first birthday party?! Sad, but true.

I feel that there should be much more time between the start of school and her birthday in October. But that October 1st date sneaks up on me every time.

It doesn’t help that I suddenly realized Russ would be out of town this weekend (the weekend after her birthday) when we were planning a party for my mom, so we had to do two family parties last weekend (a week earlier than I was hoping!). But next weekend we have two more family birthdays! I guess that’s the way it goes when you have a close, lovely extended family. [grin]

All that to say we had a wonderful afternoon in the sunshine with family and close friends for Lola’s birthday this past Sunday. I made a few desserts and snack foods, and I hung paper lanterns. Lola wore her fairy costume. It was relaxed and sweet to spend time with special people!

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Unknown said...

What a lovely girl! and the party looks beautiful :)

Cathy Vargas
Vintage Girls