Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Little Sunshine

Recess @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

[For honesty’s sake, this was a little sunshine on an otherwise difficult and frustrating day.]

I thought the above picture a little funny with the bus driving by, and all.

The motor bike is Leif’s usual choice of recess activity. His and Luke’s. Down the driveway, back up, into the yard, up the hill, around the trees, and back down again. Sometimes around the house. Today was beautiful, so he spent quite a bit of time out there. Yes, he’s wearing gloves. No, it wasn’t that cold.

Leif @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I posted a super short video of him riding over on Facebook.

Dirt Bike Trail at Mt. Hope Chronicles

In the afternoon, Luke grabbed a cookbook off the shelf, read through it, picked a recipe, and asked if he could make oatmeal craisin cookies. I decided he could do it completely on his own, and he did—with a little help from Leif and Lola. I’m trying to eat healthy and I don’t even like oatmeal cookies, but the aroma was so delicious I had to try one. He gets an A+ for this independent project, and I think I’ll let him do more baking from now on!

Independent Learning at Mt. Hope Chronicles


Ariana Sullivan said...

What an awesome, awesome, awesome recess. This is the part of childhood he'll remember forever and treasure. I rode a dirt bike a bit when I was younger and those are some of my all time favorite memories! I love the pictures, too. I can't believe that's your yard! It's so beautiful!

Patty said...

Your in trouble now! I remember when my oldest started baking on her own. From then on it has been delicious recipe after another. Time to take out the treadmill.

Heidi said...

Ariana~ I do hope he remembers it as an adult. I think I would!

Patty~ Oh, I *know* I'm in trouble!! He made waffles this morning, and I luuuuuv waffles. Sigh.

Kim said...

A Little Sunshine makes me think of these words:

Beauty is not a luxury, but a strategy for survival. ~ Terry Tempest Williams,
Finding Beauty in a Broken World

Thank the Lord for sunshine and for beauty; surely He knows they are not luxuries, but simply a necessity many a day.