Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Classical Conversations Challenge Program Spring Protocol

Classical Conversations Challenge Protocol @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I again had the privilege of photographing our local Classical Conversations Challenge Program Spring Protocol. Just as they did last year, the students in Challenge I, II, and III attended a formal dinner at the home of one of our community families (who graciously also offered their whole family to cook and serve, even though they do not have older Challenge students). And I was again reminded why we are part of this community. The sight of all these parents coming together to create something wonderful for the students was incredible, each person serving according to their strengths and passions. I love these people!

CC Protocol @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesCC Protocol (1)CC Protocol (11)CC Protocol (3)

The food was delicious! There was a soup course, a salad course, the main dish (a choice between pork, chicken, and vegetarian), a sorbet, and dessert (chocolate or strawberry).

CC Protocol (4)CC Protocol (9)CC Protocol (10)

These twenty students were joined by an additional nine students from another campus for a few hours of dancing at a lovely venue.

CC Protocol (8)CC Protocol (7)CC Protocol (5)

What an outstanding group of high school students!

CC Protocol (6)

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Amanda said...

Wow! What a gorgeous event! My eldest is in ChI next year. I hope we can come up with something as lovely. :)