Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quiet in the Midst of Chaos

Quiet Moments @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

In the midst of a week (and more) of almost daily events while down one adult (I’m greatly outnumbered this week), I am savoring a few quiet moments today before heading out to yet another (the fourth since Saturday) end-of-year celebration and potluck. [Lola is way past her sitting still and quiet limit.]

I finished reading Beauty Will Save the World: Recovering the Human in an Ideological Age and Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption today. [I think it’s almost time for a junk-food-book binge!]

Mid-day, Luke asked me if he could search something on my computer. Naturally, I asked him what he’d like to search.

“Uses for lavender.”

This kid never fails to surprise me. He printed off a list of 50 uses for lavender, 3-hole-punched them, and added them to his binder of interesting things. He’s set on the idea of making soap, but I’m trying to convince him to make lavender shortbread cookies. Both projects may happen this week.

He began talking about herbs in general, so I gave him a lovely little DK Pocket Book of Herbs, which he read, and we began contemplating an herb garden project. After a while, he swiped my new clippers and went out to harvest some chives, taste-testing the stems and inspecting the blooms.

Leif seemed under the weather this morning, and I discovered him fast asleep in bed this afternoon. [Completely out of character, so I know he must have caught the bug that Lola woke up with Sunday morning—of course.]

While Luke and I talked herbs and Leif napped, Levi and Lola were out collecting a bucket of tadpoles. I later found evidence of their adventures left on the front porch.


Celebrating Quiet Moments @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And now, four end-of-the-year events down. Two book clubs, a birthday party, and a baby to go! I miss my husband.


Heather said...

Despite your hectic week and missing husband, it sounds like there are many moments to cherish and remember.
You can do this!

Callie said...

Such a lovely, busy, beautiful afternoon!

Windhover Farm said...

What else have you read off your book list? Can you/will you do reviews and synopsis on your favorites? It may be the thing that motivates me to read! In your spare time of course....

Heidi said...

I'll be posting my updated book list in a day or two. :) I *really* need to write up some reviews, so maybe I'll make May a book review month. :)