Sunday, August 2, 2015

“Life Itself Is Grace”

Life is Grace @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesIn Life and in Death @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

In all honesty, July was a rough month for me. I’m feeling burned out just when I should feel most rejuvenated, and summer is slipping through my fingers. September looms, overcast in my imagination.

But life itself is grace.

We spent a couple days with my Dad’s side of the family (including all six of his siblings, pictured below with their baby shoes that my grandmother had bronzed). I was encouraged in conversation with several cousins (thank you, Brent and Debbie) and spent much of my time hanging out and being real with my favorite cousin-in-law, Amy (thank you, Amy). [My cousin Lisa’s daughter Kendra posted many more reunion pictures on her blog.]

On the following weekend, our three Illinois/Missouri cousins plus one spouse (from my Mom’s side of the family) traveled to spend a few days with our family and celebrate the life of my grandpa (Mom’s Dad) who passed away in May. My uncle traveled up from California as well, and many more people joined us for an afternoon memorial service. (I’ll share a little more about that memorial service in an upcoming post. The above right picture is a display set up for the fellowship time in the garden.)

Just a few days later we were able to spend two days soaking up grace and sunshine at my favorite place on earth with my favorite people (top left, more pictures to come).

And yesterday we had a relaxing afternoon and evening with Tsh Oxenreider and her family, the kids playing in the sprinkler and having a pillow fight on the lawn while the adults chatted. We enjoyed hearing a little more about their recent trip around the world. (Earlier in July I finally met in person a long-time online friend and her son when they came to visit for the afternoon. Crissy, thanks for spending time with my crazy family!)

Yes, life itself is grace.

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