Thursday, May 19, 2016

Food for Thought ~ Be Astonished

Food for Thought - May Edition @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ~Mary Oliver

The other day my son called to me, “Mom, come look at this white flower!” Lo and behold, after we’ve lived here for almost a decade, a couple volunteer calla lily plants appeared in my hedge. They used to be my favorite flower! Astonished, indeed.

Pay attention:

:: How Drawing Can Help Improve Your Memory, According to Research @ LifeHacker

"Together these experiments indicate that drawing enhances memory relative to writing, across settings, instructions, and alternate encoding strategies, both within- and between-participants, and that a deep LoP, visual imagery, or picture superiority, alone or collectively, are not sufficient to explain the observed effect. We propose that drawing improves memory by encouraging a seamless integration of semantic, visual, and motor aspects of a memory trace."

Be astonished:

:: Fairytale Macro World by Polish Photographer Magda Wasiczek @ Bored Panda [Gorgeous!!]

And a bunch of fascinating videos to enjoy.

Watch the answer here:

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