Monday, May 16, 2016

I Can’t Believe I Live Here

Silver Creek Falls @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Today we hiked the 5 Mile Winter Falls Loop at Silver Creek Falls with this fantastic group of friends.

Silver Creek Falls Hike

How is it possible that this stunning location is less than an hour from our home?! And walking behind the waterfall is the stuff of fantasies and fairy tales. What you can’t see are the myriad caves and crevices behind the waterfall that the boys wanted to spend all day exploring. Next time we’ll plan to do just that.

Hiking Behind Silver Creek Falls @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesHiking Silver Creek Falls @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesBehind the Falls @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesSilver Creek Falls Hike @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

This is the second waterfall on the hike (the Lower South Falls). I don’t know if you can see the little people behind the stone wall to the left of the waterfall, but this is another walk-behind trail.

Lower South Falls @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesLower South Falls Trail @ Mt.Hope ChroniclesLower South Falls Close Up @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesSilver Creek Falls Caves @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

More falls.

Lower North Falls @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Walking the trail.

Silver Creek Falls Trail @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Double Falls.

Double Falls @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And more falls.

More Silver Creek Falls @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Now one thing is abundantly clear: I am so out of shape. I hope I can get out of bed tomorrow. [And I’m so glad it wasn’t a hot day. It was cool and overcast, perfect for hiking and taking pictures!]


Karen said...

Heidi, this is amazing. I am enthralled! So glad you shared this place. I will put this on my must-do list in Oregon. I do have that list, really I do. Simply beautiful and like you say, the stuff fairytales and fantasies are made of. :-)

Timi said...

It's a beautiful place!!! So much water... I always wonder how it's possible? :o)
You are very lucky, Heidi to live there!