Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Oregon Coast with New Friends

New Friends @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Our whole family drove over to the coast yesterday afternoon to meet up with Brandy from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood and her family who are currently on a tour across the states. [I was so glad Russ was able to go with us!] Because the weather was a little iffy (rainy and cool) we started out at the Hatfield Marine Science Center where the kids explored for a couple hours. [Our family had never been there before!] Brandy and I spent the whole time chatting.

We headed across the bridge to see the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, not realizing that we were arriving just as it was closing. [I should have been more diligent about checking hours of operation!] Instead, we hiked down to the beach where the kids, despite the cool, overcast weather, proceeded to get very wet and sandy. Lola was soaked. Brandy and I spent the whole time chatting.

Oregon Coast with New Friends @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Fortuitously, the clouds parted, the sky turned blue, and the sun began to shine. By the time we made it back to the cars, it was gorgeous and quite warm. The bedraggled kids changed out of wet clothes while I snapped a few pictures of the lighthouse, bay, and bridge.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Bay @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesNewport Bridge @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

It was dinner time, so we headed north to Lincoln City so our visitors could have a true Oregon Coast dining experience at Mo’s. We ate clam chowder and fish with a view of the water. Brandy and I chatted the whole time.

We ended our evening with some fresh air. The kids played. Brandy and I chatted the whole time.

The Kids @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Our family had so much fun with our new friends, and we are so happy to have met the whole Ferrell Family! I wish we lived closer so the kids could play and Brandy and I could chat the whole time. [grin]

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Unknown said...

Green with envy of the flies on the wall around your chats! As a devoted cc mom and follower of both your blogs I wish I could join in on the conversation!