Monday, May 15, 2017

Summer School ~ Marys Peak

Marys Peak @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The forecast said rain. The day dawned with beautiful sunshine in the valley.

We didn’t have rain or much sunshine on Marys Peak, the highest point in Oregon’s Coastal Range with an elevation over 4,000 feet.

We were up in the clouds, hiking in 40 degree weather.

Marys Peak Snow @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Lola always ends up carrying something during the hike (and trying to pawn it off on me). Sticks. Rocks. Flowers. Branches.

Today she carried a snowball for miles.

Marys Peak Hiking Crew @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Twenty-eight of us hiked this adventure (two new families joined a hodge-podge of previous hikers).


One of my children was the advance guard, not waiting for adults, and almost lost his privilege to come on hikes.

One of my children was dragging her feet way back in the rear of the company and didn’t ever want to hike again.

One of my children had equipment issues—he wore sandals and froze his feet—and almost quit the hike halfway through.

One of my children had a fit of frustration in the middle of the hike and said he didn’t want to hike in the first place.

It was wonderful.

Marys Peak Trees @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesMarys Peak Flora @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesMarys Peak Hike @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

School today consisted of lessons in perseverance, personal responsibility, preparation, obedience, and good sportsmanship.

Who needs a desk?

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Erin said...

Your scenery is absolutely gorgeous, and your hikes inspiring. Years ago I used to do this with a friend, I've feeling like we should again :-)
And yes many lessons are learnt on these hikes