Saturday, May 6, 2017

Summer School ~ Silver Creek Falls

Silver Creek Falls Hike @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We visited Silver Creek Falls at the beginning of our hiking adventures last year. We had a large group, the weather was rather cool, and we hiked a longer distance, so there wasn’t much time for exploring and playing. Luke had asked to return so he could spend more time exploring the caves in the rock behind the main falls. The weather forecast looked good for Thursday, so we added an extra hike to our schedule.

Under the Falls @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Holly and Ivy picked up Jake, Monet, Isabella, Julia, and Sophia. I brought my crew of four. The parking lot was almost empty at 10:30. We started the hike at 72 degrees and ended it three hours later at 78 degrees. We only hiked about 3 miles, with a good mix of incline, decline, and flat path.

The weather could not have been more perfect. Everything is so lush at this time of year.

Hiking Silver Creek @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The lower falls:

Lower Falls @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Behind the falls:

Behind the Falls @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The hiking crew (minus Luke, Holly, and me):

Hiking Crew @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesSpring Flowers @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesSilver Creek Path @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesSilver Creek @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We were rather hot halfway through our hike, and the kids thought the water looked inviting. We made time for wading and swimming. I am not sure these kids really understand the magnitude of the beauty surrounding them.

Hiking and Swimming @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Hiking with my very own Ranger, Beartican Wolf:

Beartican @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And my very own dragon, Leela, in her cave:

Dragon Cave @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesFern @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I think this is one of my most favorite hikes. Multiple spectacular waterfalls. Many walls of trickling water and perfectly child-sized waterfalls. Lush greenery. Places for wading and playing. Caves. Woods. Constant sounds of water rushing and water dripping. All less than a gorgeous hour’s drive from our home.

Big and Little Waterfalls @ Mt. Hope Chronicles


Christi said...

I have recently (we started about a year ago) taken up hiking with my boys and it is one of the best things we've ever done. So much still to see!

Mia White said...

I've been there (Silver Creek Falls) truly no less than one hundred times in my life, and it's breathtakingly beautiful every single time. Great pics!

Jill Foley said...

It's such a beautiful place. We are headed to Multnomah and Weisendanger falls tomorrow - our hike to the top and beyond has become an annual trip in May. Even though Multnomah is the ultimate tourist stop, I still enjoy it every time I go.

Heidi said...

Jill! We were just up your way today! We did the Angel's Rest hike. :D It was spectacular. <3

Julia said...

This might be an off-the-wall question, but what have you found to be good hiking shoes for your kids? Any that don't cost an arm and a leg?

Heidi said...

Julia~ I'm a terrible "equipment" person. ;) We just use whatever we can scrape together. I really like closed-toed water sandals for summer hikes. We have Keen knock-offs that I love. The kid ones are from Costco, but the ones the middle boys have are no longer available and it's making me cry. My oldest has been wearing hiking/outdoor boots that we also purchased at Costco. Otherwise, it's just whatever lace-up shoes they happen to have at the moment. All three boys are in men's sizes, so the cost of keeping them in shoes makes me gag. ;)