Monday, May 22, 2017

Summer School ~ McDowell Creek Falls

McDowell Creek Falls @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Today is our usual hiking day, but I spent all day in a local Classical Conversations Parent Practicum instead of hiking in this 90 degree heat. Since we knew we would be unable to hike this week, Holly and I (with kids plus two friends) took advantage of the 70 degree weather this past Friday and enjoyed McDowell Creek Falls (hike #6!).

We try to make it up here at least a couple times each year. We’ve had so much rain this season, and the water was rushing! Luke did climb up next to these falls (can you see him in the middle on the left?), but the kids certainly didn’t climb around behind the falls like they did in July last year.

We climbed all 140 steps up to the top of the Royal Terrace Falls (some of those steps are giant!), then descended again to continue our hike.

McDowell Creek Royal Terrace Falls Climb @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The scenery here is so lush.

McDowell Creek @ Mt. Hope Chronicles


McDowell Creek Trees @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We climbed the stairs to the top of Majestic Falls.

McDowell Creek Majestic Falls @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The hiking crew.

McDowell Creek Hiking Crew @ Mt. Hope Chronicles


McDowell Creek Majestic Falls Rainbow @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Heading back down.

McDowell Creek Majestic Falls Climb @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We found a peaceful spot to rest, snack, and wade (after Lola ran ahead and I had a small heart attack while trying to find her).

McDowell Creek Play @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The kids played in the water a bit. Luke and Jake were insane enough to submerge their bodies in the frigid pool. I ached to look at them since my big toe throbbed when I dipped it in.

McDowell Creek Swimming @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I’m already looking forward to next week’s hike!

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Dana said...

Looks like a stunningly beautiful school day!