Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Home School Day at the Oregon Garden

Oregon Garden @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We met up with a bunch of friends and family (Shannon, Mom, Lindsay & Bob, Jessye, Rebecca, Danielle, and Cynthia plus all the kids) at the Oregon Garden for their annual Home School Day today. We said hello to several other friends as we wandered.

We’ve attended several in years past, but not recently. I realized Lola had only attended one year (poor youngest child).

The smoke in Oregon has been oppressive and Levi and Luke had their CC Challenge classes today, but I decided to get out of the house with Leif and Lola and see some beauty.

Oregon Garden Home School Day @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

On home school day, learning stations are set up throughout the garden: scavenger hunt, obstacle course, coloring projects, and lots of things to touch and look at. As always, we spent a great deal of time in the children’s garden as well. Rolling down the hobbit hill, crawling through the hobbit tunnel, playing on the pirate ship, watching the little train, digging in the sand pit, running through the bamboo path…

Oregon Garden Smoky View @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

No blue skies for us this year, but the smoke wasn’t as bad as it could have been and the temperature was perfect.

I spent more time talking and relaxing and less time taking pictures. We spent most of our time with Cynthia and her kids, but I have no pictures of us together.

Oregon Garden Butterfly Girls @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesOregon Garden Home School @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesOregon Garden Home School Day Activity @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Lovely, lovely.

Oregon Garden Reflection @ Mt. Hope Chronicles


Mia White said...

Oh wow, I keep thinking we must live close by each other from all of your Oregon posts-- we were planning to attend this also but cancelled last minute to the excessive smoke. Darn! :(

Cy Fischer said...

I'm so glad it was fairly clear air! Logan had a blast with Leif!

Heidi said...

Mia, we live about a half hour south of Salem. :) I'm sorry we missed you last week!