Monday, September 11, 2017

First Day of School ~ 2017

First Day of School 2017 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We survived our first full day back to school. I even managed to snap a picture of all four kids before we headed to our Classical Conversations community this morning. (I actually snapped a bunch of pictures, but this is the only one that kind of turned out…)

This is our EIGHTH year with Classical Conversations.

Levi is in 10th grade, Challenge 2.
Luke is in 8th grade, Challenge B.
Leif is in 6th grade, Foundations and Essentials.
Lola is in 1st grade, Foundations.

Two middle schoolers and a high schooler. That is mind-boggling.

I’m tutoring Essentials for the third year.

We’ve been homeschooling for a decade.

First Day of CC @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Luke and Levi have actually been back in class for a couple weeks, but this is the first full normal week for them.

Lola had a rough day today. She was testing boundaries. Where is that line? What happens when I cross it? I’m hoping that she feels her questions were sufficiently answered and doesn’t need to ask them again next week.

Last week was packed with activities and appointments. Levi and I attended a day-long philosophy workshop at Gutenberg College on Friday. Saturday was our annual trek to the Renaissance Faire (pictures forthcoming).

I’m completely and utterly unprepared for this week of lessons at home.

But onward.

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Kellie said...

Oh, wow, Lola looks so grown up! Cracking up about your crossing the line comment. : ) We reached that decade milestone too and I still haven't experienced a back-to-school season where we were completely prepared. It's always chaos, but somehow we survive and manage to learn a few things. Onward, indeed. Hope you have a wonderful school year!