Saturday, September 16, 2017

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

This may have been our tenth year attending (we first attended when Leif was a year old but we missed a year or two in between), so pictures become redundant. It’s strange to have the boys be so independent at the faire. It feels like home to them. Even Lola thinks nothing of talking to painted and tattooed strangers or helping strange magicians on stage. (This was her fifth year attending.)

The location is spectacular. It’s a huge field surrounded by forested hills in Oregon’s Coastal Range—no civilization in view, other than the event. Part of the faire takes place in the forest adjacent to the field. The weather this year was the best yet.

Kings Valley @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Just lovely.

Renaissance Faire Fun @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire Jousting @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

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