Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Around the World

Last year we watched Rick Steves' European Christmas special on the public broadcasting station. We immediately purchased the DVD, book, and CD. I am looking forward to again viewing the beautiful tour of Christmas celebrations in England, Norway, France, Germany, Italy, and the Swiss Alps.

A Classical Kids Christmas is an excellent addition to our Christmas listening! I feel like I am experiencing a beautiful Christmas pageant every time I put it in our CD player. The music selections are beautiful and the storyline flows seamlessly. It includes poetry and Christmas traditions from around the world.

Introduce young children to Christmas traditions from around the world with the Christmas Around the World Coloring Book. Featuring more than twenty different countries including China, Belgium, Iraq, and Russia, the coloring book has short descriptions of traditions such as St. Nicholas, St. Lucia day, pinatas, Yule logs, Christkind, and more.

We'll be doing a great deal of 'traveling about' this Christmas season, beginning in Germany when we bring our Christmas tree home to light and embellish.

Next, we'll be traveling to Morocco when my sister and her husband host their 11th annual themed (amazingly decorated, and often costumed) Christmas dinner party.

A long-time friend of ours and current missionary to Cambodia is home on furlough. We'll be meeting up with him for a rousing game night to remind us of the good ol' days.

December 6th will be our third annual European celebration of St. Nicholas Day with close friends. We make marzipan fruits, read stories about St. Nick, put chocolate gold coins in shoes, and more.

Lucia by Swedish painter Carl Larsson, 1908

On December 13th we remember our Swedish heritage with a St. Lucia Day celebration. We missed the opportunity last year due to our move, so I am doubly looking forward to St. Lucia Day this Christmas season.

Our Spanish lessons end this year with Las Posadas. On (or around) December 16th, we will have a Mexican Christmas dinner. We will read The Night of Las Posadas, sing the traditional Los Posadas song, and end the evening with a pinata.

After Los Posadas, we are back 'home for the holidays.' I would love to celebrate Epiphany on January 6th, but we are officially done with the season on December 27th when our Christmas decorations, books, and music are carefully stowed away in preparation for Levi's birthday on January 1st.

As you can imagine, I'll be inundating you with details and photographs in the near future!


Jen Rouse said...

I'd love to hear more details about what you do for St. Lucia Day. Since we have a little Lucia in our own home, I've been thinking it might be fun to do something special.

carole said...

Thanks so much for sharing this series of posts. It is really inspiring.
Congratulations on the blog award nomination. I'll be voting come December 3rd... :)

Donna Boucher said...

Thanks for all of your recommendations!

I love Rick Steves...I took him along on our European trip last spring :o)

I'll ber his Christmas program is really good. I will see if I can find it!