Friday, December 21, 2007

Las Posadas


Making (and Breaking):


En nombre del cielo (In the name of heaven)
Os pido posada (I request you grant us shelter)
Pues no puede andar (Given that she cannot walk)
Mi esposa amada (She my beloved wife)
No seas inhumano (Please do not be inhumane)
Tennos caridad (Grant us charity)
Que el Rey de los cielos (Since the God of heavens)
Te lo premiará (Will prize you for that)
Venimos rendidos (We come very tired)
Desde Nazaret (From Nazareth)
Yo soy carpintero (I am a carpenter)
De nombre José (Named Joseph)
Posada te pido (I ask you shelter)
Amado casero (Dear innkeeper)
Por sólo una noche (for just one night)
La reina del cielo (the queen of heaven)
Mi esposa es María (My wife is Mary)
Es reina del cielo (She's the Heavenly Queen)
Y madre va a ser (And she'll be mother)


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Anonymous said...

A posada in Portugal where we lived was an inn. We have stayed in them in the past. You have done an incredible job presenting St. Lucia Day. I missed reading it earlier with Christmas preparations. I don't know if you know that my mother's middle name was Lucille since she was born on St. Lucia Day. I should study more about it one of these days. Grandma