Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our Brother is Born

Merry Christmas to All!!
Our Brother Is Born
by Harry and Eleanor Farjeon

Now every child that dwells on earth,
Stand up, stand up and sing;
The passing night has given birth
Unto the children's king.
Sing sweet as the flute,
Sing clear as the horn,
Sing joy for the children,
Come Christmas morn:

Little Christ Jesus
Our brother is born.

I'm posting this picture for my friend, Carole, at Thoughts of Home. We have to take life as it comes, and find humor and joy in every moment.


Mom2legomaniacs said...

That last picture is great. Poor little baby! I hope you and your family had a wonderfully blessed day!

Merry Christmas

carole said...

Thanks, Heidi!

How did you get Leif to calm down for the "nice" photo? :)

Heidi said...

Thanks, Melissa!

Carole~ You wouldn't believe what I'm willing to do to get a decent picture... basically make a complete fool of myself. Jumping up and down, acting like zoo animals--whatever it takes. :) Not that it always works, but...

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi
I just stumbbled upon your blog yesterday and it is like a great book, I can't wait to read! I was wondering about your countdown... Do you have directions for this and do the number tags say anything on the back?? Do you remove a number as that day passes??
Thanks~ Jen

Ruskin said...

What a great calendar. I love the 'real' photo, so sweet!