Sunday, December 30, 2007

One Little Word

I recently stumbled upon an inspirational blog. One of Ali Edwards' scrapbooking books is a favorite of mine, and I am ecstatic to discover that she has an incredible blog that I look forward to visiting often this next year.

One of Ali's recent posts resonated with me. She talks about the 'one little word' that she chooses each January to set the tone for her new year. (After you've read the link above, read more here.)

One word for a whole year might be a stretch for me. How can I limit myself to one little word? But maybe that is the point. That one little word, when used as a focus, could be like a continuous drip of water upon a stone.

I thought back over the last two years. 'Journey' is the word that instantly comes to mind when I remember 2006. Russ got a new job, Leif was born, we began homeschooling, and moved to our forever home. 'Hope' sums up this past year beautifully. Life in 2007 has been full of hope.

What are my goals for 2008? What tone do I want to set? What can be improved upon in my attitude or actions?

What word would you choose?


Sarah at SmallWorld said...

I love this so much that I made it my Meme 2 for my countdown to the New Year. Thanks for the great idea, and I hope you don't mind that I linked to you!

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Oops--here's the link:

Renee said...

I think maybe, and I should probably ponder longer, but my first thought is...courage. I am finally going to make some changes that I have long feared. Let us know what your word is!

Anne said...

Funny you should post this. I've been thinking, not of a word for 2008, but of a theme, and for me it's "generous" -- which is a word. ;-) I want to be more generous with my time and attention. I want to say "yes" more to my children & husband, and just be more free with the gifts God has given me. The key to this will be focusing on how freely and lavishly grace has been lavished on me through Christ.

So.... my word is "generous".

Thanks so much for sharing this.

Anne said...

And I guess I've begun being generous by using the word lavish twice in one sentence. Yikes. :-)

Heidi said...

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your visions for the coming year. I would love to hear more!

I'll be posting my one little word tomorrow.

carole said...

I like the idea as well - mostly because it would be a challenge for me to pick one, and because it would force me to really quiet myself and ask, "what do You want me to focus on right now?"

I love the suggestions. Reading them makes me want to use them all.


Heidi said...

Carole~ I know, I read that list and the words sounded so powerful all together, that choosing just one was sooooo hard. I would love to know if you come up with one... let me know!

my5wolfcubs said...

I love the rocks w/ words! My girls have been trying to paint rocks to look like realistic animals, perhaps they can do some inspiring word ones for me. My word is gratitude.
Lee (from the WTM board)