Thursday, December 20, 2007

Words and Candles

My New Rock Garden:Handmade Stepping Stones:
Candle Gift:
Candle Centerpiece:
I found the candle idea in a decorating magazine somewhere. The article suggested buying inexpensive religious candles (found in the ethnic section at the local grocery store) and covering with paper, ribbon or twine, and a sprig of greenery. I think I might do a large collection of these candles covered in whites, neutrals, and greens for the top of my piano in January.

Also, cranberries are a favorite decorating element of mine in the month of December. Filling any glass container (vase, bowl, pitcher, etc.) with the red berries creates an instant festive focal point.

Russ and I created the poetry stepping stones using this kit from Magnetic Poetry:

I'm thinking of using a large collection of inspirational words to create a one-of-a-kind pathway to our front door. Won't Russ be thrilled?


the good, the bad & the ugly said...

So THAT's where you get those candles. I've seen them before and thought they so cute! Thanks so much for the idea. I will probably use them before the month is up. I love them with the paper and ribbon. Maybe they would look nice at our winter women's event at church. Great share more!

Jennefer said...

Bought some of those candles today at my local grocery store. Thanks for the idea. Those of us who are decorator-challenged appreciate any help we can get!!!!! :)