Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Why this kid should never watch commercials:
Mom, do you think it would be nice if we went on vacation? (Of course. That sounds wonderful.) Well. You'll have to get a gold kit so that we can afford it. I guess the best of your jewelry will have to go. (Have you seen the commercial where the guy asks if you have gold scraps or old jewelry you would like to turn into cash? If so, call for their free gold kit!)

(Luke didn't want to eat his pancake so I told him to slide it over to Levi and he would eat it. Levi looked down at the plate and Luke's child-sized fork and says) This fork will have to be improved. (I look at him blankly, as I often do when he says things like that.) Uh, bigger? Longer? (Do you not get it, mom?)

Mom! Mom! (He comes breathlessly to where I am. He has just heard on one of his CDs a poem from our Circle Time notebook which we haven't been using lately.) Please. You've got to put the Circle Time notebook back in service!

I might be hungrier than you suspect.

Can I get some support over here?! (Levi was working on a craft project and apparently not getting the help or attention he needed.)

Levi's superhero name should be WordBoy. (Kinda like the new cartoon WordGirl...)

My diagram indicates...


scour (rather than 'look all around for'...)

plank (board)


finishing touches

would you kindly...




cunning trap



exploded with laughter




Tricia said...

What a great vocabulary, I love it!

Elise said...

Hi Heidi

How wonderful that he is so articulate. I can only imagine the poetry your clever boy is going to write, sounds like he will take after your neice.

I love his line: "I might be hungrier thhan you suspect". Just gorgeous.

Warmest wishes