Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Human Interest

We are blessed beyond belief with friends and family. 17 of us (and a dog!) headed to McDowell Creek Falls on Monday. My Grandmother and Levi are above. A rare shot of me with the three boys below.

It seems I've been here before:
My Grandfather with 3 of his 7 great-grandsons:

My niece, Ivy:
Leif playing a hat game with Poppy (my Dad):
Our New York/New Jersey friend, Carol, and my Mom:


Anonymous said...

Your pictures of McDowell bring back a flood of very fond memories of different times there with my friends and family! Nice job capturing it's beauty and mood!

(You and your Mom always have such cute haircuts. Can you recommend anyone local?)

Heidi said...

Hi, Mary! I have been to both Darla Weekly at New Image and Tammy Pedersen now at Marrakesh Salon. They both do an excellent job! I love having short hair. :)

Skeller said...

What a wonderful place to take a hike/walk and enjoy God's glorious creation. It's soooo beautiful in there. Fabulous photos!!

Elise said...

What a glorious place to spend some precious times together with your beautiful family.