Sunday, May 25, 2008


I am working on making my tags/labels or 'themes' easier to access, particularly Education and Literary Buffet. (The themes are listed on my side bar, making it easy to search for a particular subject.)

I've added tags for specific school subjects (History, Science, Language Arts, Music), put all geography posts in Around the World and all art posts in Fine Art Friday. The Education theme will be for general educational topics as well as posts in which I list updates or resources for a large number of subjects.

I've added Picture Book Picnic and Reading Aloud (children's literature) but kept all of my own reading in Literary Buffet along with general books and reading posts.

Clear as mud? Really, though, for those of you who enjoy searching by subject, I'm hoping this will make it easier to navigate rather than having to wade through 80 posts on education.

I know that some of you have arranged to get email notices when I publish new posts. Do you get notices when I edit a post? If so, I am very sorry for editing so many posts (to change the tags) all at once. Grin.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for making my blog easier to read or use as a resource.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it so fun and satisfying to organize one's blog? And much easier than organizing the house.