Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The boys and I had to read a favorite picture book today. Nothing but Miss Rumphius would do after our short foray into the lupine field on our way home from piano lessons this afternoon.
When Alice was a little girl, she lived by the sea with her grandfather and listened to his tales of adventure. She was determined to travel around the world and then settle down to live by the sea when she grew old. Her grandfather told her there was a third thing she must do. She must do something to make the world a more beautiful place. She wondered what that could be.
Alice grew up and moved away.
She became the librarian, Miss Rumphius.
One day she decided to find the places she read about in the books at the library.
She traveled all over the world.
She experienced many adventures.

When she grew old, she bought a cottage by the sea.
She loved the lupines growing on the hill.
She bought seeds and scattered them across the village.
The next spring, lupines grew everywhere.
Miss Rumphius had succeeded in making the world a more beautiful place.
Barbara Cooney tells the story much better than I. She is also a wonderful artist. We have many books on our shelves with her name on them.
Everytime I pass this seemingly abandoned shed, I'm filled with some sort of mysterious desire for adventure. I don't know why. It looks even better set against a field of blooming clover.
My tastebuds are in the mood for clover honey...


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I love that book, and I miss our lupines. Back in Iowa we had the most gorgeous plants. I have a packet here ready to plant; you've inspired me to get started. What an incredible field!

Meagan said...

Hi Heidi! I happened upon your blog a few weeks ago and I have truly enjoyed it! I love all the pictures you post mainly because I grew up in the Pacific Northwest (eastern Washington)and seeing all that beauty makes me miss it even more (I live in Texas now). And the Portland area is one of my favorite places up there. So keep the pictures coming!

I read Miss Rumphius to my kiddos last summer and thought it was such a lovely book. It is one of those that I could barely get through because I was so choked up (just like when I read "The Little House" by Virginia Lee Burton).

Also, I am so impressed with how intentional you are at homeschooling your boys. I will be homeschooling my kiddos this year for the first time and have already read some great advice from you. You are doing a wonderful job!

Anyway, nice to "meet" you! ;)

Carrie said...

Heidi... It's always nice visiting your part of the country! It's absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing! We will have to check this book out this summer!

Anonymous said...

Oh, we love that story. The first time I read it to the kids, I wanted to plant lupines on our hills... beautiful illustrations

Precision Quality Laser said...

What absolutely beautiful photos! I love coming to your blog just for the pictures :)


Mrs. Q

Laurel said...

We love this book and you know I've never actually seen real lupines. Gorgeous!

I laughed when I saw the bee boxes next to a field of clover. There is a dirty empty lot near our house with bee boxes in it ... no clover, just chickens and garbage. What is that about? Just makes you want that honey huh!

Thanks as always for the great ideas and photo inspiration!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I love this book! How neat that you were able to romp the fields of lupines! That's wonderful!