Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Ordinary Tuesday

I braved the hair salon with three little boys and survived.

We celebrated with a trip to the mall.
And stopped at the photo booth like usual. This time I got to take the pictures.
Bob's Pizza has been a favorite since before I was married. The same lady has worked there since Levi was a baby. I've spent 5 or 6 years rolling up to her counter with the stroller. Now I have three little boys standing there doing their own ordering.
If this picture doesn't perfectly depict the majority of my shopping trips, I don't know what would:
I don't know how the boys got recess before we even started any school work...
Bambi came to pick up Leif for their routine afternoon together (sleeping on the couch).
And we got down to business for a couple hours. Reading. Grammar. Piano...
...and of course Math.
Daddy came home early and paid for admission into the park.
Where he finished his cell phone conversation...
...and then took Levi to Tae Kwon Do. He was nice enough to take the other two boys out of my (short) hair for a while before we met up for dinner at a local burger joint.
Now, if only Leif would realize that it is waaaaay past his bedtime.


Elise said...

Hi Heidi

Like you, we've all done the round of colds and sickness. I have missed checking in on your blog and am sorry to hear that you and your boys have been so unwell. I hope that you are feeling a lot better now. Isn't it amazing how the simple cold can put a spanner in the works. Anyway, it will make me appreciate good health when we've all recovered.

What a beautiful post about your "Ordinary Tuesday". Capturing life's everyday moments will mean that in years to come, you and your boys will be able to use these photos as a basis to recall such fond and fun filled memories.

You are a braver woman than me to go to the hair salon with the children in tow. I can relate to the picture of your shopping trip. Although I only have two to contend with, so that is not nearly as demanding as three.

Your post on poetry and memorization was fantastic to read and Andrew Pudewa's article was enlightening. I have already ordered some of those books you suggested and can't wait to receive them. It was such a delight for me to read this post. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Shell in your Pocket said...

What cute pictures! I love them walking in the sweet!
-Sandy toes

Skeller said...

I'm so adoring these week in the life photos - I can sooo relate to life with 3 boys (in a hair salon, nonetheless ... you MUST have been desperate for that haircut!!!) And the shopping cart photo? I nearly spewed my coffee out, laughing!! :-D

I hope you're feeling better today...

Tearz said...

Your shopping trip photo made me laugh out loud. I think every mom in the world goes through that (especially us moms with boys). I'm still laughing....

Victoria said...

Love the shopping cart photo!

Hope you are feeling much better and more energetic these days!

I enjoy reading your blog and love the fabulous pictures.

Alicia The Snowflake said...

Great pictures!

You are one brave woman to go to the beauty salon with 3 little boys. I don't like to take my one boy.

Have a great week, at least what's left of it!

Unknown said...

What a lovely yard! And sounds like a very typical day around here... glad to know I'm not alone in the shopping department, oh dear did that make me smile (empathetically of course!)

Jordana said...

hi...i stumbled on your blog a couple weeks ago and have enjoyed reading it. I love your creativity!
Just wondering what Math text you use? I'm currently schooling my 5 year old and we haven't started with a formal math program...trying to get some advice from other HS Moms.