Sunday, November 9, 2008

Church and State

We enjoyed David Klinkenberg in concert this evening. He is truly a joy to watch and his musicianship is phenomenal. What an incredible young man of God.

Changing the subject, has everyone recovered from the elections? As proud and thankful as I am to be living in the United States, I am filled with hope and peace when I realize that God is bigger than America.

I appreciated Prairie Chick's thoughts on the Kingdom that transcends nations. She shares a thought-provoking perspective from Philip Yancey. I enjoyed What's So Amazing About Grace much more than I expected. Maybe I need to add The Jesus I Never Knew to my 2009 reading list (which I am in the process of writing up and will share soon).


Barb said...

Glad it's over
Glad I voted
Glad I'm informed
Glad I'm free
Glad I'm not of this world!

Unknown said...

the election exhausted me and I'm not even american, LOL! Was great fodder for contemplation though, and I can't recommend The Jesus I Never Knew enough. Looking forward to cracking the pages of WSAAG in the next few days here. I really enjoyed your last two posts, Endor and Thankful Leaves... magical. I want to do the leaves on my big dining room picture window, thanks for sharing!