Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Laguna Beach

When I first mentioned that we might take a vacation to Southern California, Susan at Short on Words piped up and suggested that we get together while we were down there. I was so excited to meet my favorite blogger and knew that our boys would get along marvelously. She suggested this beach, which I immediately recognized from her stunning photos. (Check out her photos of our beach get-together.)The boys did get along swimmingly, of course, and both Shannon and I mentioned that Susan is one of those wonderful people with whom you can feel like you've been best friends with for ever when you've just met her! We talked and talked and talked and snapped photos left and right.

There were so many exciting spots on this beach. Low tides provided excellent tide pools.
The rocks were perfect for climbing.
Did I mention the spectacular weather we enjoyed?!

We even spotted dolphins swimming along! (Sorry, didn't get a photo of that one...)
We had to get the photo to prove we were together. Susan is lucky to have a pinch photographer on board.
I wish we could have stayed for sunset, but the natives were getting restless (and hungry). Maybe next time.


Skeller said...

What a hoot that Russ got the pic of Cote taking our pics with my littlest guy (whom I edited out ... bad mommy) inserting himself. :-)

Beautiful photos of a beautiful day at a beautiful beach with lovely people. I'm soooo glad we got to meet and hang out. May it be the first of many such meetings...

Aja Jenise said...

I wasn't sure if I ever took the chance to mention... I enjoyed your pictures here as well as skeller's. Awesome pics, beautiful peeps... and breathtaking scenery.