Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Portraits....


I had to share these pictures of my nieces and nephew with you! Maybe I'll get some of the others posted later on. (ETA: I posted more pictures on my photography blog for those of you interested in seeing a few more...)

Are you tired of seeing people pictures yet? I have so many other things to share this week. A book give-away winner, more decorating essentials, favorite Christmas books, homeschooling stuff. Just you wait and see. Grin.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish you were closer and could take pictures of Dillon and Kate. I just love how yours turn out. Your subjects are always cute, I'm sure that helps!!! ;)

Heidi said...

I wish *you* were closer. ;-P So, a day's drive is probably too far to travel for photos, huh? I would *love* to take pictures of Dillon and Kate!

Trish said...

Holly's kids are gorgeous. I love these. Great job, Heidi!