Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Medieval Times

(Okay, so it isn't the greatest photo, but...)

A generous co-worker of Russ's asked if he could treat us to an evening at Medieval Times. He was unable to join us at the last minute, but our crew enjoyed ourselves to the utmost.

Guests are seated stadium-style around a large arena. Each section receives crowns color-coordinated with the knight they are supporting.

Serving 'wenches' pass along the front of the long tables to serve a tasty medieval-style dinner. Tomato bisque soup is served out of buckets with a large ladle. The pewter bowl luckily sports a handle, as no flatware is served. This is a hands-only meal. The garlic bread is delicious dipped in the soup!
The chicken, spare rib, and roasted potato are a little trickier.
I think Levi's favorite part of the evening was eating with his hands!
Okay, maybe not his favorite part. The theatrical show was excellent. Lights, sound, horses, knights, cheering, sword-fighting, jousting... the boys were entranced! Russ, Shannon, and I were entertained, as well. Luke was not scared, but a little concerned. He kept asking if the knights were really dead. Aunt Shan assured him they were just acting.

Our serving wench was quite amiable. Maybe Levi's favorite part of the evening was when he charmed her into bringing him a second apple pastry for dessert...


Aja Jenise said...

That is absolutely thrilling isn't it?! I went once when I was little, and then after I got married Paul & i went. He hadn't seen much in the way of entertainment so it was a blast for us to share together soon after we were married. I can only imagine how engaged yoru young boys must have been to see such sites. Thanks for sharing!

carole said...

My boys would have loved this! Especially the eat with your hands part. :) So fun!

Anonymous said...


FYI to your readers, if they have or if anyone they know has a card from Triple A (AAA) road club - you get 25% off when you go. It can really help w/ the price. You can borrow someone's card... IDK why its ok, but it was.

Susanne P. said...

i have always wanted to go to one of these. someday.

it looks like your trip was great!

Anonymous said...

We did this here in Atlanta this last summer. It was so fun for the boys! (But we enjoyed it too!) You got some great pictures!