Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Educating the Whole Being

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

This is an absolutely fascinating lecture about the loss of creativity in current education. I realize it is long, but it is worth every minute. (I watched it in 2-5 minute increments.) Important, relevant, and humorous. Don't miss it!!


Susan said...

Heidi, that was absolutely fabulous. I loved it. I am really trying to focus on the creative gifts my girls have and give them every opportunity within reach to foster that creativity. I'm so glad they have so much time to be home and play and explore and create. Already I see much talent. This confirms we are on the right track.

jodi said...

we must be on the same wavelength, heidi--i watched that clip yesterday. there are many additional good clips if you have the time.

it cracked me up too!

Heidi said...

Susan~ I'm so glad you took the time to watch it! Yes, I am thankful, also, to have my boys home and spending time on creative pursuits... or just wallowing in the mud. :)

Jodi~ Is it a surprise that we're on the same wave-length? :) I've already watched a few clips... I think I'll have to do one a day for the next while. So many great thoughts and ideas!

Barb said...

Seen this talk before on TED. Very compelling. And I love your new header!

cara lou said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I absolutely loved it. Fascinating and so well said. Yet another reason why I will be homeschooling.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the link. I had my kids in public until this school year. My gut kept telling me that they weren't getting what they needed or our family. That we could have more, and more can mean less (if you know what I mean) but better anyway you look at it. It almost makes want to stop math & grammer & everything that seems to slow us down & only play & create for a while.
I find myself feeling pressure to cover "everything" we can, so that we've got it all when it comes time for testing, we're prepared. Even though that was one of many things I hated about the public school.
But I've always said it takes all kinds of people & jobs to make the world go around. Most of those jobs stem from a personal interest or given talent.
Not everyone makes a good repairman or Doc or dressmaker. We are't all meant to do & think the same, how boring would that be.

Thanks again, you are always such a source of... well lots of things. Many Thanks!
Please post other links like this!

Anonymous said...

That was really a good link, Heidi. I really enjoyed it. I'm trying to think who I should send it to who would profit. Always enjoy your posts. Grandma

Anonymous said...


Ruth said...

I just loved it! Thanks for posting it. It really helped me to think about homeschooling differently. I have been so concerned about being perfect. I can relax a little now.

Trish said...

TED has great talks like this. I linked to another TED vid on my own blog last week (Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity).

Good stuff.


Melissa Stover said...

that was great. i needed to hear that today.