Friday, March 27, 2009

Fix-It Friday

I decided to participate in Fix-It Friday at i heart faces for the first time this week. The above photo is my finished product. The photo below is the original.
I first worked on the photo in photoshop CS2. Pioneer Woman's Bring on the Eyes at 70% and Boost at 11%. Then Totally Rad Actions' Claire-ify at 100% and Pool Party at 80%:

I then uploaded the photo to and did teeth whiten, focal soften, crop, and border to get the top image.

I couldn't resist adding in two more. Both are done in photoshop. Bring on the Eyes 100/33, Claire-ify 100, Troy 50, and Pool Party 50:

Added a B&W/sepia combo:


Frogmum said...

LOVE your final fix. Good job for a first :D It's got an old-fashioned feel about it that is kind-of in keeping with her blouse I feel - really nice :)

MRP said...

Wonderful job!! Love the variety!

Tabitha Blue said...

These are all great... I think the last is my fav!! Great edits!!


Niecey said...

I love the black and white version!

Kelli said...

Simply beautiful!

K-Sue said...

I like the B&W/Sepia best, too. Thank you for the lesson.

Anonymous said...

How long did the process take?

Shae said...

they are all so nice. i especially love the b/w

Mon Cheri said...

The before and after examples are instructive. Beautiful job!
I don't recognize the girl.

Heidi said...

Tera~ It really depend on the photo and what I'm doing with it. I wanted to play around with this photo and try a bunch of different things, so I probably spent about 20 minutes on it. When I'm going through a bunch of pictures (like a trip to the beach, etc.) I edit them much more quickly. As little as a minute each, maybe? I could spend hours playing around, though. :)

Mom~ The original photo came from i heart faces. They offer the original, then everyone playing along shows how they would edit it. That way, you can see how many different things you can do with one photo.