Monday, October 5, 2009

The Gorgeous L Family

3 L Kids

I have a few photo sessions to share this week, so I thought I would start
with a few more of the L Family!

Phoebe with Grass

Phoebe Collage




Jason & Cheris

Jason & Cheris 2


Carrie said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! Great job, Heidi! ;)

~beautyandjoy~ said...

Pretty, pretty perfection. So cute. And I love your chairs! :)

Dana D said...

The pictures are beautiful!
And those chairs!!! They made me smile! Love them!

Laura said...

Heidi, do you have a "contact me" place anywhere on your blog? I have a private question and I wondered if I could e-mail you somehow. Thanks either way!

Heidi said...

Laura~ I've been meaning to add my contact information on my side bar. It has been hidden on my profile page. Thanks for reminding me! I've got it up now. heidi (at) poetsgarden (dot) com. :)

grandma and grandpa said...

Beautiful pictures. Heidi, also the guy senior picture. Really good. Lois told Grandpa today Melissa is really happy with hers. Grandma