Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lola Colette ~ 10 Months

Lola 10 Months

Let me tell you a little bit about my little Lola Girl at ten months.

She’s a speed demon at bum-crawling. It looks hilarious. I desperately need to figure out how to get a video of that before she stops doing it. I wonder if she will ever crawl or just go straight to walking.

Pulls herself to standing on everything. Sometimes takes a step or two holding onto something. Stood on her own the other day for a couple seconds.

Lola 10 Months (4)

Growls. A lot. Has a snorty little happy giggle. Squeals. Wrinkles up her nose when she is happy. Smiles at people and holds one hand out to them (often in a fist), but rarely wants to GO to them. (Loves attention, but prefers to be held by Mom.)

Speaking of Mom, she’s a Mommy’s girl.

LOVES her brothers and Daddy. LOVES attention from them.

Lola 10 Months (10)

LOVES babies and wants to maul them or eat their faces. LOVES baby dolls and wants to maul them or eat their faces.

Her top teeth still haven’t come in. I think she’s been working on them for months now. But her two bottom teeth are very visible.

Lola 10 Months (5)

She LOVES being in the swimming pool or bathtub.

She has a very long tongue.

Lola 10 Months (14)

She is getting very opinionated. Throwing her body around when she doesn’t want to be held. REFUSING to be put in the exersaucer (it is almost impossible to put her legs in when she doesn’t want to). Will let you know that she is NOT happy when you take something out of her hands that she wants to play with.

It is like wrestling an octopus to get her diaper changed or her clothes on. Or trying to get her in her highchair.

Lola 10 Months (9)

Her head is still fairly bald, though I think her hair is growing some in the back. It is driving me CRAZY because I can’t wait to see her in pony tails. But she hates to have ANYTHING on her head, so maybe she’ll be one of those who pulls out any hair accessories anyway.

Lola 10 Months (13)

She’s very serious when we are somewhere new or she meets new people or experiencing something new, but she’s just seriously checking everything out. She seems to love to be new places. She does really well riding in the car.

Lola 10 Months (7)

If she picks up a pen or pencil and it is near some paper, she ‘writes.’ She loves to thumb through paper books, but not so much board books.

She loves to watch So You Think You Can Dance with me. It is the only show she’ll sit still for.

Lola 10 Months (2)

She loves yogurt, but is fairly unenthusiastic about most other foods. She’ll eat Cheerios and saltines reliably. If she isn’t sure what I’m feeding her, she’ll lean her head forward slightly and touch her lips to the food. Then she’ll decide whether or not she wants to open her mouth. She won’t open her mouth for something she doesn’t like. Or she spits out every bite.

Lola 10 Months (8)

We’re still breastfeeding, but I’m not sure how much longer that will last. She feeds with her head pulling and her arms pushing away from me. Sometimes she even gets her feet in on the action. She is distracted by EVERYTHING and WILL NOT be covered up. Definitely not the sweet snuggle time…. unless it is the middle of the night, of course.

Speaking of the middle of the night, her sleeping is still all over the place. Occasionally she’ll sleep 9 hours straight. Most of the time she wakes 2 or more times during the night. Some nights are really bad.

Lola 10 Months (12)

She loves to clap.

She’s wearing a few 12 month sizes and lots of 18 months. Six weeks ago she weighed 20 pounds and 4 ounces. I need to schedule another well child visit for her. Maybe this next week.

Lola 10 Months (6)

She doesn’t like to be on the grass. Which is why there are no smiling pictures here. She was NOT HAPPY about her feet touching the grass or being stranded on that chair…

Lola 10 Months (11)

And that’s my Lola Colette at 10 Months.

Lola 10 Months (3)


Timi said...

Thank you for these fantastic photos!!! She is so cute :o)!

Precision Quality Laser said... the last facial expressions...she definitely was making her desires known! Great photos! And I loved the commentary on Lola fun!

Hannah said...

OK, not to be completely shallow? But she is always wearing the cutest darned outfits! I can tell you're very much reveling in finally having a girl to shop for!

Sweet Bouquets said...

Adorable Heidi!! Daphne still is talking about seeing her at Book Club! :)

Kim said...

Crack me up! This sounds so much like my daughter at that age - to the "T".

How quickly the days pass, mine just turned eight and boy she's a handful, but she's uniquely "her" and such a blessing from God.

You got one smart cookie on your hands and she's going to keep you busy, in stitches, and filled with joy :-)

Thanks for the smile.

As always love the learning links for boys. A wealth of schooling info to mine and sift. I appreciate any book lists. Good stuff for my six year old snuggler.

Blessings on your week.

Heather said...

I just love her! I can just imagine how busy and determined she has become. :)

P.S.My middle daughter with Down Syndrome has been bum scooting for over a year now and just recently started regular crawling and pulling herself up. I didn't think she would ever crawl.

Gabrielle said...

I love the flowery dress! So sweet.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

She's adorable, Heidi, and I love that you captured the "real" moments! Love her dress! :)


Leslie said...

She is absolutely adorable! Her dress is so cute!

Anonymous said...

hi of your little lola always bring a smile to my face. too cute outfits + those facial expressions + that spunky attitude = quite the post!!

Anonymous said...

Oh to have a girl.... As a mama of 3 boys, I try not to wish for what I don't have (God knows what he's doing), but it just looks like so darned much fun! :-)