Monday, December 19, 2011


Christmas decor

When I say that we are having a low-key Christmas, I really do mean it. We’ve hardly left the house for a week and a half. We are all feeling so much better, though, and who knows what this week will bring. The pictures from the first week of December have been begging to be posted. I ended up hosting my book club Christmas party at the last minute (due to my own poor planning), and it was such a wonderful, cozy evening with friends!! I wish I had pictures to share, but I have trouble hosting and taking pictures at the same time.

Advent reading:


Christmas Storybook Land:

Storybook land (2) storybook land

Our traditional St. Nicholas Day celebration with friends:

Making Marzipan

Making marzipan: For the kids, this is the highlight of the celebration. Char and I have to practice letting go of all perfection and preconceived notions of what the marzipan fruits and vegetables are ‘supposed’ to look like, and allow the kids to experiment with aliens and volcanoes. (Char does well with letting go; I…not so much, but I’m getting better.) Lola thought marzipan was delicious.

Marking Marzipan (2)


We were so preoccupied with the marzipan that we almost forgot to put out our shoes for St. Nicholas!!

gold coins

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Hannah said...

"Letting go" is very much on my mind these days, as evidenced by our recent gingerbread house party with friends. :-) Sounds like your round of illness, while very unfortunate, brought a silver lining of a string of simpler days. Those words keep echoing in my head when I'm tempted to go into overdrive: KEEP IT SIMPLE. (It helps to remember our recent reading of Farmer Boy!)